Art that does not fit a specific theme has been placed in this category. Don't be surprised at what might turn up here, but now it is mainly sunsets, an absolutely delicious display of Mother Nature that the artist cannot help but try to capture. Photographs cannot always give you the right sensation that the real sunset can give. If you would like to talk further on any of these location sunsets please feel free to contact the artist.

NewSunset over Morley Field

"Sunset over Morley Field", a large Impressionistic oil, measuring 30" x 72" and is a favorite of the artist. Morley Field is owned by the city of...

NewSunset over North Mission

"Sunset over North Mission Bay" is a dramatic 12" x 32" oil on canvas, even though it is smaller than most of the sunsets the artist has painted of...

NewSunset over San Diego Har

"Sunset over San Diego Harbor" was an oil on canvas measuring 18" x 54". This golden sunset shows off the harbor walk with the entrance to the harbor...

NewSunset over South Mission

"Sunset over South Mission Bay" is an 18x54 original done in oils on canvas. It shows the small arm of South Mission Bay jutting into the bay. It had...

NewThe Star of India

"The Star of India" is a an original 36x54 oil and wax done with a palette knife on Belgium linen. The Star is one of the last two or three iron...

NewView from the Artist's Wi

"View from the Artist's Window" is a 54x36 original done in oil and wax using a palette knife on Belgium linen. This view is a montage as the artist...