People & Portraits

The subjects the artist chose to paint have faces or an aura about them that intrigued her enough to want to capture them on canvas. Interestingly enough, most of the subjects painted here didn't perceive themselves as captivating.

NewGirl in Yellow Roses

"Girl in Yellow Roses" is a 12x16 watercolor and ink painting.

NewIndian Girl

"Indian Girl" is an 18x24 done in oils on canvas.

NewLady Ashley & Sir Thomas

"Lady Ashley & Sir Thomas P" is a 24x30 original done is oils on canvas. It was a quick study as the two of them, my future daughter-in-law and one...

NewLady in Bonnet

"Lady in Bonnet" is an 18x24 original done in oils on canvas.

NewOrange Bandana

"Orange Bandana" is an 11x14 original done in oils on canvas.

NewPlumed Hat

'Plumed Hat" is a 12x18 original done in watercolor and ink.

NewPortrait of a Singer

"Portrait of a Singer" is a 24x36 oil and wax original. This palette knife painting was done from a photo the artist took of the singer, Jesse Davis,...

NewPouting Child

"Pouting Child" is a 9x12 original oil on canvas.


"Ramona" is a 9x12 oil on canvas original. The painting was evolved from small historic snapshots of the Indian woman, Ramona, about which a book was...