About the Artist


Lois J. Wegwart Simmons was endowed with two gifts. The one from her Danish mother was the talent to create. The other from her German father was the eventual drive and dedication of that creativity. She practiced without formal instruction throughout her childhood, but it was at Marshall University where she began her formal instructional foundation.


As far back as 1961, while carrying her third son, she began selling her art work to pay for the materials she used to create, as most artist starting out often do. The opening of her first studio in 1978, was an exciting time of dedication. Frustrations in her personal life threatened her dedication, but eventually proved to make the artist even more goal focused. Having lived and studied with renown artists in the mystique of Arizona, the rural roughness of the Pacific Northwest, the simplistic innocence of West Virginia and the wonderful freedom of California has proven noteworthy in the work she produces.


Lois believes in diversity. Sameness is not tolerated. This allows no roads to be closed to learning...the growth is endless. Which media does she enjoy the most? “Oils probably have a more comfortable and sensuous feel to them. Yet, on the other hand, playing with clay gives me great pleasure, too. I was always happy making mud pies as a child in West Virginia. But the media I use is immaterial; it’s the creation of the art piece itself that gives me that humble feeling of accomplishment. One should not have to labor when viewing art. It should be instant enjoyment, seeing more avenues of pleasure each time it is viewed. If my piece of art has pleased you visually, my hope is that it takes your thoughts into and beyond the boundaries of the canvas, the paper, or the lump of clay. Only then has my work achieved its purpose.”